Our Brands

CORSA Performance Exhaust
CORSA Performance Exhausts is the premium exhaust market leader through advanced engineering and innovation. Utilizing our patented RSC™ technology, CORSA continues to enhance the driving experience for you, delivering powerful sound and noticeable performance gains without sacrificing the pleasure of cruising in your car or truck.
Since entering the Corvette market in 1998, CORSA has engineered the most advanced exhaust systems in the world. Each exhaust system is tailored to deliver exactly what that vehicle, and more importantly, the owner needs. Every system features our patented RSC™ Technology, developed to eliminate drone while cruising, a straight-through muffler, designed to maximize horsepower, and a sound, acoustically-styled to be the voice that fits the personality of a vehicle and its driver.

CORSA Commercial
Volant Cool Air Intakes is on the cutting edge of air intake system development. Volant has delivered many firsts as the technology leader in air intakes. Volant was the first to develop a sealed air filter box, to keep out moisture and dirt from contaminating the air filter. We were also the first to use high-grade X-link polyethylene that is resistant to heat, fuel and lowers intake noise levels. In addition, Volant introduced the market to an air-scoop that gathers air from behind or under the bumper of many popular trucks and sport utility vehicles for added performance and fuel economy.
Volant's extensive dynamometer testing and product development demonstrates the company's commitment to providing their customers with high-quality products. The philosophy behind Volant's cool air intake is the fact that the sealed intake system eliminates heat contamination of air entering the engine. Through extensive dyno testing and product evaluation, Volant has discovered that wsing a sealed air intake, and gathering air from more than one source allows the Volant system to make consistent horsepower gains throughout the rpm range. As the engine heats up and cools down during highway or stop-and-go driving, the air intake temperatures can also change, especially with open element air intake systems. Volant's sealed intakes maintain consistent air inlet temperatures that are close to ambient air, providing your engine with the coldest intake charge to keep your engine's timing at optimum performance levels.

dB Performance Exhaust
dB Performance Exhausts by CORSA designs and creates systems specifically for trucks and their owners. We focus on the specific needs of our customers, those who love to drive their trucks, and through advanced engineering and innovation deliver what they want. Utilizing our intense R&D process, dB Performance Exhausts by CORSA continues to develop systems that allow you to enjoy the look and big sound of your truck.
Based in the engineering prowess and history of CORSA Performance Exhausts, we have engineered the most advanced exhaust systems in the world. Each exhaust system is tailored to deliver exactly what that truck and owner wants. Every system is built with a straight-through design, allowing air to flow freely, deliver a great sound and allows you to get the good growl at idle without annoying tones in the cabin of your truck. In addition, we add a polished 12" Stainless Steel tip to ensure your truck looks as good as it sounds.

CORSA Performance Marine
CORSA Performance Marine is the leader in the design, development and manufacture of exhaust systems designed to enhance your time on the water.  Beginning with advanced 3-D Modeling, we work with the boat builders to ensure a seamless fit into the engine system, boat deck and hull.  Then, our team of engineers works to quickly create the perfect level of sound.  We finish by providing the captain complete control with our Captain’s Call systems featuring helm mounted switches to allow you a choice of sounds that perfectly fit your situation, in the marina or on open water.